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Group of companies "NIKS" supplies lignosulphonate technical powder grade А (track load) и lignosulphonate liquid grades А ,Ж (railway load).

Lignosulphonate technical powder is a salt mixture of lignosulphonic acids produced from the lyes of bisulfite pulping.

LSTP (Lignosulphonate technical powder) is a salt mixture of lignosulphonic acids (with admixture of reducing and mineral substances), produced from the lyes of bisulfite pulping. They are derived from the lignin extracted from the wood during the pulping process. Lignin is a naturally occurring polymer, which acts like a "glue" in holding the trees cellulose fibers tightly together.

Lignosulphinates are produced from the lyes of bisulfite pulping. During the pulping process (transmutation of wood into pulp) the linkages in structures are broken off by mechanical or chemical methods. Chemical pulping methods are: alkaline process (sulphate or kraft process) and acid (sulphite) process. The sulphate method is a dominant pulping method in wood-pulp production with mechanical and sulphite methods being the next. Pulping processes differ on product outcome and quality, in chemical methods – on used chemicals and material fraction derived for reuse.

Technical lignosulphonates are used in:

  • - foundry, acting as binding agent in production of sand band and core sand mixtures in cast-iron, core-mold and non-ferrous casting, in production of dressing additives.
  • - cement industry and refractory production as cement plastifizer and binding agent.
  • -in granulation of technical carbon and porous fillings from powdery and loose materials.
  • - in ferrous metal agglomeration
  • - as reagent in ore flotation
  • - as suspension disperser and stabilizer in production of chemical weed and pest killers.

Lignosulphonate technical powder is easily water-soluble in any ratio. Powder lignosulphonates are the most convenient in transportation and storage. They don’t require special package or special storage conditions, which allows to reduce transport and storage costs. The product is packed in 4-and-more-layer paper bags max 20 kg or in 500 kg plastic bags – “big bags”.

To obtain liquid lignosulphonate it is necessary to dilute the powder in water in ratio 3 to 1 (1 kg of powder to 3 l of water). For better powder solution it is recommended to use water 40 – 50 C.

Lignosulphonate quality indices

Quality indices According to TU Test results
Extra class First class
1. Appearance Mealy powder light brown – dark brown Mealy powder
2. Colour Light brown
3. Mass fraction of reducing substances to mass of dry substances, %, max 10,0 18,0 6,3
4. Ash content relating to mass of dry substances, %, max 18,0 23,0 15,1
5. Mass of humidity, %, max 4 8 3,6
6. Hydrogen ion concentration of LSTP solution (РН), min 4,5 4,5 5,3
7. Strength limits during the tension of dried samples Mpa (kg/sm*2) 0,69
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