Color of vaginal discharge problem that women should aware of

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Color of vaginal discharge, a problem that women should aware of

Vaginal discharge or leucorrhea It is a fluid that is expelled from the vagina. It is a female symptom in women of reproductive age. There will be hormonal changes according to the menstrual cycle. Normal vaginal discharge can be observed by White, odorless discharge and no itching 

But sometimes vaginal discharge can indicate an abnormality as well. Whether it’s the color or the smell. Or it may signal a warning sign of serious disease. And it is a condition that women should not overlook. Report from

Causes of abnormal vaginal discharg

The main cause usually comes from infection, including bacteria, fungus, sexually transmitted infections, etc. Other causes other than infection include tumors, cancer, foreign objects in the vagina.

Symptoms showing abnormal vaginal discharge

Including a bad smell, fishy smell, color changing to yellow, green, grey, blood mixed in or other symptoms such as itching, fever, abdominal pain, burning in the vaginal area.

What does the color of the vaginal discharge say?

  • White or cream-colored vaginal discharge, like the color of an eggshell The vaginal discharge is clear white and odorless. It is a common characteristic of vaginal discharge that is secreted to lubricate and moisturize the vagina. but abnormal vaginal discharge It will have a different color than before, have a smell and look like a thick lump.
  • Light green vaginal discharge The vaginal discharge is green, light green, or yellowish-green. along with itching and has a fishy smell Indicates a bacterial infection in the vagina. or infection from sexual intercourse
  • Pink vaginal discharge  , pink or faintly pink vaginal discharge It may be a sign of menstruation or due to the shedding of the endometrium. which is often found after giving birth Sometimes called amniotic fluid.
  • Gray vaginal discharge  is a warning sign of a bacterial infection. Caused by inflammation of the vagina and cervix. This may be caused by a sexually transmitted infection. It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, a strong odor, or redness around the vulva.
  • Brown vaginal discharge Brown vaginal discharge or vaginal discharge with blood in it Most often caused by residual menstruation. But it can also be a warning sign of health problems such as: Infection in the cervical area Bleeding from ovulation In addition, if there is pain in the lower abdomen as well. May be caused by implantation of the embryo. Sometimes called Blood washes face or having an ectopic pregnancy

Abnormalities of vaginal discharge

It can occur at any age, from childhood to adulthood. In childhood, it may be caused by foreign objects that the child inserts into the vagina. together with problems caused by sexual harassment In the reproductive age group, abnormal vaginal discharge is a common occurrence. Until the elderly, it can happen as well. How to observe in the elderly Normally, the body produces less estrogen, which results in a decrease in vaginal discharge. But if any elderly person has an increased or excessive amount of vaginal discharge It may indicate an abnormality that has occurred.

Diseases accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge

Things that should not be overlooked if there is abnormal vaginal discharge that occurs repeatedly and complacently Because such symptoms may result in inflammation of the uterus, blocked fallopian tubes, and infertility. Increases the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy or having an abscess or pus in the pelvis.