Bernardo urged teammates expects victory.

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva expects victory against Manchester United (October 2). As it best pays back to City sens Survivor. and reinforcing who is the big leg of Manchester this hour.

The 188th Manchester City war is considered interesting when the ‘ Blue Sails ‘ have a chance to rise to the top of the crowd if they grab three points. And then the Saturday game between Arsenal and Spurs , the home team faltered.  

While the ‘ Red Devils ‘ are in form, winning 4 matches in a row, and recently won the best award for September , the English Premier League , either team manager Erik ten Hag or striker Marcus Rashford .  

All these elements make the 3 -point bet at the Etihad Stadium doubly interesting UFABET

“ Playing for Man City we are always giving 100 per cent , but in any game we have to face United , Liverpool or other important opponents. His spirit ordered to add more extras. ” Opening his mouth through the official website.

“ It’s a derby match !” 

“ You always have extra powers. and know how much it means to the fans I want to win for them. ”

“ Another problem that I would like to correct is the past few years. Did better at Old Trafford than at home . ” 

“ So it will be an important match. At the crucial point of the season, we needed three points absolutely. ” 

For the Manchester derby match in mind , Bernardo is in April 2019 , the team won 2-0 at Old Trafford, with him breaking the groove. And it led to the league title at the very end of the odds when beating Liverpool .