Brighton invade Liverpool 3-3.

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Leandro Trossar played a heroic hat-trick as Brighton drew 3-3 with Liverpool at Anfield.

English Premier League Football

Liverpool 3 – Brighton 3 

Stadium: Anfield

Opened the game for just the first 4 minutes, it was Brighton who invaded before 1-0 when the ball from Welbeck arrived. Trossar pulled Trent and fell into the shot with the left ball through Alisson Becker. go in the door UFABET

Then in the 18th minute, the visiting team led 2-0 from the moment Welbeck slipped to the left before passing in for Solly March to flick the ball, although Trossar slipped off the offside trap to shoot. With the left ball going through Alisson into the second post 

In the 31st minute, the Reds almost scored a broken egg, when Carvalho dunked the ball into the Brighton defense line, Salah slipped into the right, but still caught the save of Robert San. Chez leaves behind. 

Two minutes later, Liverpool chased for a 1-2 from the moment when Henderson gave the ball quickly for Salah to slip into the flick to pass with the left for Roberto Firmino to run in the open. door to 

39 minutes, the hosts had another chance from a free-kick that opened before it was Thiago, who headed back for Trent Alexander-Arnold to press with the right but the ball was still out of the box.

The first half is over, Liverpool are 1-2 behind Brighton.

Returning to the game in the second half in 54 minutes.

Liverpool equalized to 2-2 in the counter-attack in which the substitute Luiz Diaz came down to pull the ball up to the left side before passing it in. Firmino touched to avoid Lu. Is Dunk before moving with the left to enter the door. 

Three minutes later, the hosts attacked hard until they had another chance to win from the moment Trent played against Henderson, slipping off the cross on the right side to give Firmino a header at the second post, but still. Stuck in Sanchez’s safe. 

In the 64th minute. the Reds came to take a 3-2 lead from a corner kick that Trent Alexander-Arnold opened in. Robert Sanchez came out to cut the ball to miss Adam. Webster goes through his own goal.

In the 74th minute, the visiting team almost equalized from the moment Kaoru Mitoma, the substitute, passed the ball for Estupignan to cross into the first post for Welbeck to hit the ball, but Alisz D can still save the Reds. 

The swan children must be shocked. When the score came to 3-3 in the 83rd minute from the game to the left before Mitoma opened from the left, Van Dijk missed the block, causing the ball to reach Trossar. door to

The rest of the time, the Reds can’t do anything. Brighton can finish the game. Liverpool open home draw with Brighton with a score of 3-3.