Conte urges Richarlison to use a derby match to win #9 Samba.

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte has urged the highly-confident striker Richarlison. To break up a daunting goal in front of the North London derby against the threatening atmosphere. Because if I can, it may affect the Brazilian national football team.

Spurs visit Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in addition to betting on the top for the winner. The position of the #9 spear of the Brazilian national team is also likely to be decided between the owner of the 52 million pounds of ‘ Golden Spikes ‘ or Gabriel Jesus of Arsenal’s side .  

That prompted the Italian boss to activate ‘ Richar ‘ because it was a match that, if one brilliant game, could win up to three birds UFABET

” Don’t worry Richarlison will have a psychological impact after being humiliated in the Brazil national team warm-up win over Tunisia – because we ‘re referring to the players who aren’t afraid of Inna Na Brahma, ” said the 53 -year-old coach prelude year.

“ He is the type of player who is ready for any situation. Including during the rehearsal meal can be trusted. And of course, the first thing I saw in him was fearless. ” 

“ That guy was not afraid of anything. Not just a threatening atmosphere , wild cheers. But all in all – he’s really dashing. ”

” Also on the field doesn’t disregard the opponent. It’s difficult against Richarlison because the word scare is spelled incorrectly . ” 

It is believed that scouts of Titi , head coach of the national team of Brazil, will follow this game in particular, with the final number #9 ‘ Selelau ‘ as a gift , with Richarlison playing 38 matches, making 17 goals , side. Jesus made 56 appearances for 19 goals .