Graeme Potter hopes to ride the record of the god Pulisic.

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Chelsea head coach Graeme Potter is hopeful that his Premier League debut against Crystal Palace will be excellent. One of the reasons for believing that is because of hanging amulets. Christian Pulisic the suppressor of Crystal Palace.

Pulisic was lucky against Palace, scoring five goals in five starts. With three of them coming as an away team at Selhurst Park.

However, the 47 -year -old boss has not promised whether the American star will be a real player or not. But believes that it is a great weapon to start 3 points of his era UFABET.

“ About certain parts of the autobiographical book. (About the awkwardness of the reserve under former head coach Thomas Tuchel) I don’t want to talk about it.” Graeme Potter said. 

“Every player goes through periods in their careers in which they suffer and suffer. for whatever reason They won’t get the time they need to play. ”

“ That’s part of the job. That’s part of being a footballer in the Premier League. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be the mainstay of a team in the top four right away. Saying this doesn’t mean you don’t understand how frustrated players are when they don’t play. Because that’s what they want to do. That’s what makes them happy. ”

” So I can comment on him in terms of how he was with me. “

“ That guy is very impressive. He’s smart, clear , and knows how to act. My conversations with him were positive and positive.

“ I will not judge anyone based on what happened in the past. Choose to judge by myself. Hopefully football will decide. That’s the best way for a coach. ”

Asian Handicap Chelsea at half time -5, aggregate score of two and a half -5