Inzaghi crashed at Inter Milan due to a stupid red card.

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi admitted his disappointment that. The team had to lose all plans. Because of Roberto Gagliardini’s stupid red card at the end of the first half.

Inter Milan stopped the performance of winning 8 games in a row. After defeating Napoli 1-3 in Serie A on Sunday. The Nerazzurri’s game had to collapse in the second half. Because of the yellow-red card in the 41st minute of Cagliardini, who was the only person who received two yellow cards in the first half.

“It’s really a pity. Because we didn’t give Napoli too many chances, even if we let them have the ball. I know we will have more space in the second half. But we came wrong with a stupid red card.

“We can equalize now. Tackled from the goal line by Dumfries and conceding a world-class goal to Di Lorenzo is a real regret UFABET

“I can’t blame the team. They are on the right track playing 10 against the Italian champions. I think we have done what needs to be done.” Inzaghi said.

From the defeat in this game, Inter dropped to 4th place with 66 points, being chased by AC Milan to 2 points. While the last 2 games of the season remain. In addition, the Nerazzurri still have two important games. The Coppa Italia final meets Fiorentina on May 24 and the Champions League final meets Manchester City on June 10.