Carlo Ancelotti has yet to name his real goalkeeper competing for the Champions League.

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Carlo Ancelotti has yet to name his goalkeeper for Saturday’s Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that he has not yet decided on who he will start in the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. This Saturday, June 1, between Andrej Lunin and Thibaut Courtois.

Ancelotti praises Lunin as he is having a great season. But the Italian trainer also praises Courtois as the best goalkeeper in the world. After the Belgian goalkeeper recovered from his injury and returned to play against Real Madrid on the Liga stage for 4 games, UFABET, keeping all clean sheets. 

‘Both of them deserved to play in the final. Lunin was outstanding and Courtois, we all know his quality. I think I’ll decide before the game. One person will play. And another one will be on the bench, that’s for sure.’

‘They deserve to play for many reasons. I like listening to discussions. This week I have nothing else to do. I will listen to it I like debates. And if you say that anyone who plays The debate is over,’ Ancelotti said.

When talking about trainers/head coaches Who can guarantee the greatest success in the world of football. I think this position should be filled with Carlo Ancelotti’s name. That’s because of Ancelotti’s track record. It is so suggestive that it is difficult to find any argument against it.

Since 2001, we have understood Carlo Ancelotti as a highly flexible trainer. They usually choose a game plan based on available resources.

However, who knew that Carlo Ancelotti in the early 1990s was a completely different person than we know him? Being harsh Believe in your own ideas and refuses to submit to change or any flexibility at all

During his playing days, Carlo Ancelotti was one of the most successful players ever. He was on the Roma team that won the Scudetto in 1982-83 and with AC Milan on two more occasions in 1987-88 and 1991-92, as well as in the European Cup (or UEFA) arena. The current Champions League has also won the championship two times in a row, that is, 1988-89 and 1989-90.