De la Fuente thinks Kroos was lucky not to be sent off

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Luis de la Fuente confirms Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri will remain with Spain until the end of Euro 2024.

Spain coach Luis de la Fuente is confident Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri remains a positive influence in the La Liga dressing room despite the 21-year-old midfielder ending the tournament prematurely with a left knee injury, and said Toni Kroos was lucky not to have been sent off for the challenge.

Pedri was take off the pitch after just eight minutes after a challenge from Kroos, but the German midfielder was not shown a yellow card and the Spain boss felt the 34-year-old was lucky not to be sent off.

‘I think it deserved a red card,’ De La Fuente said of the challenge from Kroos that left Pedri with a left knee injury afterwards.

‘But whether he’s on the pitch or off, Pedri will continue to be involve. There are games like that. When you play so many games to this point, you need the whole squad you have.’

Spain are without first-choice defenders Robin Le Normand and Daniel Carvajal, who are suspend for Tuesday’s semi-final against France. Promotion ufabet but De la Fuente is confident other players can fill the void. With Nacho Fernandez and Jesus Navas likely to be available.

‘All 26 players are ready, everyone has their own role at the right time. I am very proud of these players. Tomorrow we will recover and we will try to have as many players as possible.’