Girona will play in next season Champions League

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Girona have been given permission by UEFA to play in next season’s Champions League after clearing qualification issues.

Spanish outlet Ufabet reported on Saturday that UEFA has officially granted Girona permission to participate in the 2024-2025 Champions League after the Catalan club cleared up previous issues to the satisfaction of European football’s governing body.

Girona’s made club history by finishing third in La Liga last season and qualifying for the Champions League for the first time, สมัคร ufabet but their qualification for the competition is questionable due to their relationship with Manchester City, who are part of the Citigroup. 

Under UEFA rules, clubs with the same ownership cannot compete in the same European competitions, and Girona and Man City are both part of the City Group, similar to RB Leipzig and Salzburg, which are part of Red Bull. 

Girona, also part-owned by the brother of Man City manager Pep Guardiola, will go into the elite European competition for the first time. City won the 2023 Champions League title and will finish in the top two of the English Premier League.

But the teams have severely tested UEFA’s rules on multi-club ownership that guard against collusion in games.

Failing to comply with UEFA’s rules with a proposal by June 3 should see one of the two teams, likely Girona, demoted to the second-tier Europa League. The team finishing higher in their domestic league takes priority.

Latest Ufabet reports that UEFA has officially given Girona the green light to compete in the Champions League next season after a major restructuring that satisfied UEFA’s watchdog.